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QHSE Management

Quality Health Safety Environment MANAGEMENT
Health, Safety and Environmental management are the core values of management for Neo-MAX.
The Neo-MAX QHSE works specifically to establish and maintain Quality, Health, Safety and Environment standards within our company.
We achieve this through the QHSE Management, which is developed and maintained by own QHSE Team.

All member of Neo-MAX obey the ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 standards.
Our various services such as Shipping Agency, Relocation, Manpower, Procurement and Logistics services are all certified to international standards.

QHSE Principles

  • We do not compromise on QHSE. "Safety First"
  • We remove all dangerous elements immediately and actively participate in prevention efforts.
  • We try to improve our health and work environment to improve the quality of our lives.
  • We active prevention of environmental pollution.
  • We fulfill our duties and take responsibility for our actions.